Thursday, November 26, 2009

silly and knowledgeable stuff at PageOne about "global warming" and its "denial"

Some good and not-so-good back-and-forth at PageOne about "global warming" and its "denial" in its various forms...

In particular, I wanted to bring (local) attention to this really nice observation from Mark H-- after an earlier one that provided nice detail on the debate:

It’s interesting how many on this board are the first to point out the corrupting influence money has within the university system (see: Felner et. al). However, they somehow see to insulate science researchers from the same influences. Now I not saying they are all corrupt, they’re not, but to say they have no political or financial biases, is dishonest.

What we need is a blind funding mechanism for science that takes the desire to please the grant givers out of the process.

Then, he cites this speech by Michael Crichton to the National Press Club in January 2005 and compares Crichton favorably with Gore.


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