Tuesday, December 15, 2009

last week's LEO

It was kind of an odd week for LEO...

They did not run my two favorite recurring features: News of the Weird and The Video Tapeworm (an irreverent and sometimes off-color rundown on films).

But they had three nice essays:

Jim Welp on Obama's war

George Halitzka's cover story essay/interviews: "Death becomes us"
-- a poignant look into the ways in which people handle the death of loved ones, from evangelical Christian Doug Barnett to atheists and others

Jonathan Meador's account
of Lt. Gov. and Senate candidate Mongiardo's hilarious proposal for massively subsidized public transit in Louisville. Check it out: Mongiardo wants people in Fargo ND, Concord NH, and Mobile AL to pay for mass transit in Louisville. Cracks me up...


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