Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jesse Ballew supports a fiscal moderate for Congress

I was surprised to see a bunch of Mike Sodrel signs pop up on property around Clark County.

Most or all of that property belongs to Jesse Ballew (Enterprises).

From my dealings with Jesse (mostly on property taxes), I would have guessed that he is a fiscal conservative. So, I'm surprised to see him supporting Sodrel in the primary. He should support the candidate who lines up with his principles-- or wait until after the primary to weigh in. (I can imagine him, reasonably, supporting Sodrel in the general election IF Sodrel wins the primary.)

If Sodrel is a strong candidate, then he doesn't need Jesse's support. If Sodrel is a weak candidate, then why would Jesse prop up a fiscal moderate?

The only answers I can imagine: a.) Jesse is letting his friendship with Sodrel get in the way of his principles; b.) he is not aware of Sodrel's lukewarm record on such things; or c.) he is not all that interested in fiscal conservatism (maybe he's more interested in social issues and state policies like property taxes).

I sent an email to him two days ago, but have not yet heard back. I hope he'll reply so I can provide an update to this post!

UPDATE: All I have so far is that Todd Young signs are now on many of those properties. I have emailed Jesse to see if we can place Hankins signs as well.


At March 26, 2010 at 4:50 PM , Blogger Justin Stevens said...

I am really surprised to see Sodrel signs go up in general. The reason? One of my friends recently attended a Lincoln's Day Dinner and spoke with Mr. Sodrel. My friend was told that Mr. Sodrel did not need to campaign in the primary because his polling numbers as so high. He should probably take those signs down.


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