Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sodrel continues to struggle with verbal commitments vs. walking the talk

First, and more important, is the divorce between reality and rhetoric on "fiscal conservatism"-- where Mike Sodrel claims the title despite his fiscally moderate voting record.

Now, it's debates in the primary race for the 9th District Congressional Race. Apparently, there's only going to be one-- assuming Mike doesn't back out of it. He had agreed, publicly, to have a bunch of them. But since then, he dropped out of the Jasper debate, he refused a Madison debate, and a few others.

(The issue is not the number of debates per se. There are two problems here: Sodrel has clamored for debates, when convenient, in other campaigns. And to the point here, if you commit to something, you need to follow through.)

The funny/ironic thing: although Mike and Baron Hill are quite different, they both like to say one thing and do another when it comes to "fiscal conservatism" and arranging debates!

Hopefully, 9th District voters will send someone more principled to Washington DC in January.


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