Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who's crazy? OR the WSJ praises Bunning for his "quixotic" campaign

From the editorialists of the WSJ-- on Bunning's insistence that Congress pay for unemployment benefits...

Meanwhile in the Senate, Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning relented late Tuesday on his quixotic request to make Congress pay for what it spends. But he's already being vindicated as the Senate quickly passed the $10 billion bill he'd been holding up and is now moving on a $100 billion exercise that will also be mostly unpaid for. And that's just the first spending bid. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Independent-Socialist, wants to add $14 billion to give retirees a $250 check, among other not-so-free lunches.

The White House budget office says the deficit this year will be $1.6 trillion. And the press says Jim Bunning is crazy?


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