Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bol/Christ and Mongiardo/Conway

Following up on two recent blog posts:

On the recent death of Christian humanitarian and former NBA'er Manute Bol, here's more from Mindy Belz in World...

Bol aimed through Christian-Muslim efforts to reconcile communities racked by 22 years of civil war. "We need something to symbolize how far we've come," Bol told Prichard.

It was a remarkable undertaking, considering that Bol himself had 250 members of his own extended family killed at the hands of Khartoum's Islamic government during the war.

On the Mongiardo decision not to endorse Conway (at this point) and its connection to (common but creepy) promises made by Conway's camp to retire some of Mongiardo's campaign debts, here's Joseph Gerth in the C-J...

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo said Wednesday that "trust" will be the key factor in his decision about whether to endorse fellow Democrat Jack Conway in the Senate race
after he says Conway reneged on a deal to help him pay off about $80,000 in campaign debt...

Mongiardo said he doesn't know if it was his or Conway's advisers, or national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee officials, who brought up the idea of paying off the campaign debt...


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