Tuesday, December 9, 2008

into darkness, a Light came...

Kyle kicked off the Christmas season with a nice sermon based on Jn 1-- an interesting choice of text. The theme was light-- and darkness.

At the least, check out the pre-sermon start-- about eight minutes.

Another cool ditty: Kyle cites a story in Krakauer's Into Thin Air where "Andy" dies on Mt. Everest. He has oxygen at his disposal, but not enough in his head to embrace the oxygen that will save his life.

And a small thing: He cited New Life Church in Colorado whose "Wait no more" program aims to eliminate the list for those waiting to be adopted from the state's foster care program.

Last thing: It goes back to Genesis 1:3-- where God's first words are calling Light into darkness. He wants to bring light and order into darkness and chaos-- and He wants us to do the same in the spread of His Kingdom.


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