Saturday, January 23, 2010

county budget woes continue...will this eventually lead to school vouchers?

Vouchers would be a lot less expensive, while promoting choice and competition. If things continue to go south, under Obama and state/local governments which have spent too much in more prosperous times-- then this may look increasingly attractive...

From Ben Zion Hershberg in the C-J...

Weeks after eliminating nearly $5 million from its planned 2010 budget, the Clark County Council has learned it will have to trim about $3 million more as tax revenues — battered by a weak economy and some lower assessments — have failed to meet expectations.

The county's financial struggle “continues to escalate,” county Auditor Keith Groth said this week after the council learned of the situation Monday during a briefing by a state tax official.

The latest problem is partly the result of “encumbrances” from expenses carried over from previous years that were expected to be paid with revenue in this year's budget, Groth said....Also, the struggling economy means more people can't pay their taxes, he said.

The predicament isn't limited to counties. It's also affecting Clark County towns and school districts....


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